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How to Find SQLi Vulnerable Website [Beginners Guide]

We all know that for attack we need a vulnerable website, today we do it from Sql injection. This is most time-consuming process. Since a SQL Injection attack works directly with databases, you should have a basic understanding of SQL before getting started.  SQL Database for Beginners is an excellent resource for those unfamiliar with Structured Query Language.  In this Tut you will learn how to find Vulnerable sites.

  • 1st one is to get a target website or a hosted site like : www.southbayballet.org


Now goto
Open that link just type your site link & click on Check.

On YouGetSignal.com you can check that how many websites are hosted on that server which one you've a site, now you may check this in screen shot.


Now going to find a Vulnerable site thorough IP which is showing host server IP there.


There are 11 Domain Hosted on the same server & IP is  | | 

Now goto Bing.com & type there
ip: php?id=
You must have to change that IP into your showing IP, so type in bing & search there as well as i do :)


Now open a link in new tab & after opening that link just type there   '    & press Enter , now you may found Msql Error there.

After that bing will search the sites which have extension php?id= like this www.site.com/index.php?id= and it will give u a list of sites which ends with this extension php?id= like in image given below.


And now we have found a SQLi Vulnerable Website easily, Enjoy & Happy Hacking

  • Note: This is Only Educational Purpose

If found any site vulnerable to sql then Hack it using SQL Exploiter tools.

Method Second will be explained in next post.

Just comment if any problem and share my post.

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