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Learn Computer Software in URDU

Software, also called Programs. Software is a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do and how to do it.

Type of Softwar:
Basically there are two types of the Software.
* System Software
* Application Software

System Software:
                System software consists of the programs that control or maintains the operations of the computer and its devices. System software srerves as the interface between user, computer and application software.
There are further two types of the system software.
    Operating System
    Utility Programs

Operating System:
is a set of programs that coordinates all the activities among computer hardware devices. The operating system also contains instructions that allow users to run application software. For examples Windows, DOS, Linux, UNIX, Apple Macinthosh, Sun-Solaris etc.

Utility Programs:
Allows a user to perform maintenance type tasks usually related to managing a computer, its devices, or it programs. For examples Antivirus, Backup and Recovery of software, Disk cleanup, Defragmenter, Drivers etc.

Application Software:
            Application Software consits of programs that perform specific tasks for users. Popular application software includes word processing software, spreadsheet software, database software and presentation graphics software.

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Classification of Computers (By Size & Speed)

1. Micro or Personal Computers:
                                A personal computer (PC) is a computer that can perform all of its inputs, processing, outputs and storage activites by itself. A personal computer contains a processor, memory, and one or more input, out put, and storage device.
Examples: PDA Computers , Smart Phone, NoteBook Computers, Laptop

2.Mini or Midrange Computers:
                            It is larger and more powerful computers than a personal computers. It can excute five million instructions per second. It can execute five million instructions per second. It generally consists of two or more processors. It is more reliable than desktop computer. Mini computers were introduced in 1960s. Mini computers are also called midrange computers.
Mini computers are used in small companies to provide centrallized store of information.

3. Mainframe Computers:                        

                                  A mainframe is a large computer in term of price, power and speed. It consists of multiple processors. It is specially designed to perform multiple intensive tasks for multiple users simultaneously. It was introduced in 197s. A typical mainframe computer can execute 16 million instructions per second.
It is used in large organizations, such as banks, Universites and Multinational companies etc.

4. Super Computers:
                               Super computer is the biggest in size, most expensive in price and Powerful than any other computer. It can process trillions of instructions in one second. The modern super computer consists of thousands of microprocessors.
Super computers are used in weather forecasting, weapon design, preparing models of checmical and biological system, mapping the surface of the planets and studying the neural network of the brain.
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Generation of Computer Easy

Generation of Computer:
                        Generation" in computer talk in a new step in hardware or software technology. Different generations of computer are as follows:

1st Generation (1942-1955) Vacuum Tube:
Vacuum tubes (fragile glass device) were the only  electronic component available during those day that possible to make electroinc digital computer.
These computers can calculate data in millisecond; these were very large in size.

2nd Generation (1956-1964) Transistor:
The transistor (Solid State Device) a smaller and more reliable successor to the vacuum tube was invented in 1947.
Faster in speed from the previous computers. These computers were able to reduce computational time from milliseconds to microseconds.
Examples: UNIVAC III, SS80, SS90, 1107.


3rd Generation (1964-1975) Integrated Circuits:
Advance "Microelectronic"  technologhy made it possible to integrate larger number of circuit elements into very small (less than 5 mm square) surface of silicon know as Chip or Integrated Circuit (IC). The use of IC in place of transistors gave birth of new generation, they were able to reduce computational time from microsecconds to nanoseconds.
Examples: IBM System/360 Series

4th Generation (1975-Present) VLSI:
Small Scale Integration (SSI) contains ten to twenty ICs components. Medium Scale Integration (MSI), which has hundreds of integrated components in a single chip. Large Scale Integration (LSI) possible to integrate 30,000 components into a single chip. Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) contains one million components integrated on a single chip.

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Introduction to Windows Vista Easy

Windows is a family of operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation for personal computers Windows dominates the personal computer world, running, by some estimates, on 90% of all personal computers. Windows provides a graphical user interface (GUI), virtual memory management, multitasking, and function of the operating system, it lets you look into your computer, just like looking through a window.

Microsoft introduced following popular versions of Windows:
 1. Windows 3.1
2. Windows 95
3. Windows 98
4. Windows 2000
5. Windows Me
6. Windows XP
7. Windows Vista
8. Windows 7

Windows VISTA:
Microsoft introduced Windows Vista to much fanfare. It represents an evolution from Windows XP Professional and includes many new features and system requrements. With those new features comes some new complexity - and combined with Microsoft Office 2007 - a new understanding of how everything works together. Vista is the biggest change in the GUI in years and learning some of the time saving techiques will help you be more productive with the new Operating System.
Windows VISTA helps youorganize all of the files and programs wihin your computer. Think of Windows as a large paper filing cabnit, you have hanging files labeled in a logical order. Within those hanging files, you have manila file folders that contain subsets of information. Windows allows you to accomplish the same system in an electronic format. You can open, sort, move print, rename, find or delete files easily. In addition to managing your files, folders, and applications, Windows has much more to offer.

What is Aero?
The AERO interface, which stands for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, and Open, gives users a crisp new graphical user interface in Windows Vista.
Tha Windows Flip and Flip 3D options are only available under the AERO interface and allow for easier access to open information in you desktop. To see these functions in action, click the ALT + Tab key combination to shuffle through the Live thumbnails of your applications.
In addition to the Windows Flip, Windows Vista allows users to go through open windows in a 3D mode. The 3D flip mode activates using the Windows key + Tab.       
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Introduction to E-Mail with Internet Explorer

Here you can store the information about your Internet Service Provider, configure your LAN settings, or send your browser requests through a proxy server.

Searching for a Topic:
To search for a topic you can click on the search button and Internet Explorer will automatically take you to a Search Engine site where you can type in the key words you are looking for.

Search Information on Internet:
A website that provides you the feature to search information over the web known as SEARCH ENGINE e.g.; Yahoo, Google , Bing are the most popular search engines.

Popular Search Engines here...

Introduction to E-Mail:
Electronic mail, or e-mail is the most frequently used service on the internet for many reasons:
* You can send a message any time, any where and the recipient can read it at his or her convenience.
* You can send the same message to several people at the same time.
* You can forward information to coworkers without retyping it.
* You can save time. E-mail is fast, usually taking no more than a few minutes to be received.
* You can e-mail electronic documents and the recipients can then edit and return revised versions
* You can send messages around the world as easily as to co-workers in the next office.

How E-mail Works on the Internet:
* Lika a postal address, an e-mail address specifies the destination of an electronic message.
An Internet email address look like this:
                                 username@domain name

          The user name is a unique name that identifies the recipient.
* E-mail is sent and recived through electronic "post offices" known as email servers.
* To read your e-mail, yo must retrieve it from the mail server.
* Once you enter the address of the recipient, compose your message, and click Send, your e-mail  softwarehandles the delivery.
* If the message isn't delivered, because of an incorrect address, for example, you typically receive an e-mail message explaining why.

E-mail provides a fast, economical and convenient way to send messages to family, friends, colleagues, and business organizations.
To read your email on a Web-based email site, you have to SIGN IN on the web site with a USER NAME & PASSWORD. This means you can use your browser -- or a browser anywhere in the world.
Hotmail, Yahoo & Gmail you may not have been the first Web-Based email sites, but both were certainly one of them to become so popular.
Now, most all f the search engines are offering free web-based email.
* Gmail.com (Free Web based E-mail service Provider)
* Hotmail.com (Free Web based E-mail service Provider)
* Yahoomail.com (Free Web based E-mail service Provider)
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The internet is a collection of computer networks that connects millions of computers around the world.
Internet is Global Network, which provides users the access to the information available through out the

Web Page:
A Web page is a document on the Web. Web pages can include text, pictures, sound and video.
The World Wide Web (WWW) is also called the Web, WWW or W3.

Web Site:
A Web Site is a collection of Web Pages maintained by a college, university, government agency,
company or individual.

Popular Web Sites:
Some Web sites are popular and get very busy. You may find that it takes longer to view the
information on a busy Web site. If it is taking a long time to view a web site, try connecting
again later.
Some informative web sites URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) are listed here;
www.google.com www.yahoo.com www.mshqit.com www.itsuper.info

What you need before first visit the internet !
1. Computer with internet connection.
2. Internet account with a connection provider.
3. Internet browser software.
4. Email Software.
5. Other supported softwares.
6. Optional: stereo speaker, microphone and webcam.

Internet Service Provider:
An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a Company that gives you accesses to the Internet for a fee.
you can visit there websites by typing the given home page addresses in URL of internet explorer
or if you are using Netscape then type address in Location bar.
Here is the List for some local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) available in Lahore.

ISP's Home Page
1. Comsats                    http://www.comsats.net.pk
2. Brain                         http://www.Brain.net.pk
3. Nexlinx                     http://www.nexlinx.net.pk
4. WOL                       http://www.wol.net.pk
5. Worldcall                 http://www.magic.net.pk
6. Cyber Net               http://www.cyber.net.pk
7. PTCL                      http://www.ptcl.com.pk
8. Wateen                   http://www.wateen.net
Some internet sites have different extension, given below are the extensions which are besing
used for different sites.

ORGANIZATION                           COUNTRY
COM   commercial                               PK    Pakistan
EDU     education                                  Ca    Canada
GOV     government                               It          Italy
MIL         military                                    JP        Japan
NET        network                                 Au      Australia
ORG      organization                           UK       United Kingdom

Using Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is a Web browser produced by the Microsoft Corporation.
Windows Vista provie the Internet Explorer 7 as default browser.

1. If you have the URL (address) of a Web page
Type the URL to go directly to the page. You have got two ways to do this.

* Type the URL in the Address bar at the tip of the screen. Like www.mshqit.com then press
* Web sites is open now

To go back to previous sites:
Click on the Small Back left arrow on the address bar near the top left corner of your screen.
Each time you click on this arrow, you will return to the previous site that you visited.
If you hold your mouse over the Back arrow, the title of the upcoming page will brifly appear.

To move forward:
When you have returned to previous sites with the Back arrow, you can go forward again by clicking
on the small right-pointing arrow next to the Back arrow. To move farther ahead, click on the small
black triangle to the right of the Forward arrow in the menu bar the top of the screen. This presents
a list of several sites you have visited.

Internet Explorer offers a number of customization options. This section will highlight some of the
more usefull features available under Tools/Internet Options on the Menu Bar.

Tools/Internet Options is divided into seven tabs.

Home Page: Specify the URL of the page you want to appear whenever you open IE 7, or whenevr
you click on the Home icon.
Temporary Internet Files:
This option allows you to view the files in your browser's cache. The cache holds viewed
Web Pages for subsequent quick viewing.
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World's Most Famous Search Engines

Search Engines
Wesay to dunya bhar me hazaron search engines hain, magar aaj kal k popular search engines k links bata raha hoon,
jin me say ziyada tar world's famous search engines bhi hain, aor me aap ko in ki detail URDU me share kar raha hoon,
umeed hy ap ko kaafi fayida ho ga....
Google World ka top pay use honay wala search engine hy, 1 servay k mutabik is k 40,000. say ziyada employer hy,
is ki products bhi boht famous hain jesay Blogger, Gmail, Youtube & many more.. isi trah her search engine ki  apni alag alag
khasusiayt hy , links me share kar raha hoon....

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13 exapmle of job
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. .

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1. Download latest version of IDM from
Here  or If you already have IDM installed Update it [Process for update: Click on help on the menu bar and then click on check updates. It will search for updates and ask you to install]
2. If you like your installed version of IDM very much. Then don't update or skip the first step.
3. Now click on "registration" on the menu bar.
4. When you click on registration, Now a new window Will be open ask your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Serial Key. See Screenshot

5. Enter your First name, Last Name, Email address in the required field.
6. In the serial key field enter any of the following given below

    And click on ok to register.

7. After you click OK, it will show an error message that you have registered IDM using fake serial key and IDM will exit. See screenshot

Now the actual hacking process starts:

8. First of all go to "C:/" drive then go to "Windows" Folder and then go to "System32" folder and then go to "Drivers" folder and then go to "Etc" Folder.
    Path is: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
    or Simply "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc" paste this (without quotes) in the address bar and hit enter. It will open the required folder.
9.in the Etc folder you will see the hosts file. Open the file with notepad.
Now copy the below lines of code and add to hosts file as shown below the image box : tonec.com www.tonec.com registeridm.com www.registeridm.com secure.registeridm.com internetdownloadmanager.com www.internetdownloadmanager.com secure.internetdownloadmanager.com mirror.internetdownloadmanager.com mirror2.internetdownloadmanager.com

10. After adding these codes, save the notepad file. And exit from there.

Now again repeat the 3rd step to 6th step.
Reboot or restart your PC. After restart Now open your IDM it will be full version and not ask you to register.

In windows vista and seven  we are not able to save the "hosts" file  due to security resion. For that first of all we have to take the ownership of the file to our logged user.So here is the process how to do so.
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How to Speed up PC Learn in URDU

Friends aksar hmary pc ke speed slow ho jate hai. Iske waja yeh hai. Ky hamary pc main bohat sy falto Programs chalty rehty hain. asal main hm yeh program apni zarorat kelye aik bar install krty hain magar yeh program ya isky kuch parts pc main silently chalt hain.
 misal ky tor pr hm ny yahoo msngr install kia. Ab hm jb b pc chalaty hain. Yahoo msngr auto run ho jata hai Aur time wali jaga pr ajata hy aur yahoo msngr hamary pc aur net ke speed pr asar andaz hota hai. Pc main check krny kelye ky konsa program silently run ho raha hai. hm task manager main process ke tab sy check kren gain. Ismain apko svhost windows ky programs aur antivirus ka proces nazar ain gain. aksar auqat hamary pc main koi virus ya trojan proces kr raha hota hai. Aur hamara antivirus b usy detect nain kr pata.
 task manager ko agar ap regulary check krty rahen gain tu apko pata chal jay ga. Ky koi new program run kr raha hai. ap usy manualy end task kr skty hain. Aur agar ap google main us program ka name likhen gain tu apko uske pori detail mil jay ge.

pc ke speed ka asar temprary file sy b partha hai. Aur kuch viruses ka backup b yahan hota hai. Window main 2 temp folder hoty hain. run main %temp% type kren main temprary folder ajai ga. Yahan sy sb files ko delet kr dain 2nd run main just temp type kren yah C drive  window main temp ka foldr show ho jay ga. Yahan b sb files delet kr dain. Temprary folders main kuch files delet nain ho ge Q ky woh  task manger main proces kr rahe hon ge Ap chahy tu unhain chorh dain ya phr proces main sy end task krky dobara delet kren del ho jay ge

 window main aik folder prefetch b hai usmain mojod sb files delet kr dain. Sb sy best yeh hai ky AP Ccleaner software ure kren.

aksar auqat hm koi software use krty hain. Aur phr uninstall kr daity hain. Magar woh window sy fully uninstal nain hota usky kuch parts window ke ragistry main reh jaty hain. Jo pc kespeed pr asar dalty hain. Ragistry ko falto ragistry entries sy clean krny kelye net main bohat sy ragistry cleaner software mojod hain. Sb sy best software tuneup utilities hai. Jo window aur ragistry ko clean krta hai.

hm aksar files ko delet copy ya paste krty hain. Is amal sy harddisk main data, hardisk ke CD Plate pr bikhar jata hai. Jo hard ko slow  kr daite hai. Hamin data tu aik tarteeb sy he rkha hota nazar ata hai. Magar asal main aisa nain hota. Data ko sametny kelye hard ko defregment  krna hota hai disk ko defragment krny kelye run maim dfrg.msc type kren. Aur hr drive ko bari bari defragment kren. Hard fast ho jay ge disk dfrgmnt kelye best software tune up utilites hai. Google main tuneup utilities mediafire likhen yahan sy ap ko full version mily ga

 RAM ke performance fast krny kelye my computer pr right click krky Properties main jain. Phr advance aur Performance ke setting pr  click kren next phr advance aur virtual memory ky change pr click kren. Ab intial size aur maximum size dono ke amount double krdain.  aur set pr click kr dain pc restart mangy ga. Restart hony ky bad pc ke speed fast ho jay ge. Aur RAM ke perforance b behtr ho jay ge.
 koshsh kren ky koi bhe software install krny ke bjay uska portable version use kren portable software mean jo witout installation ky run ho  Portable software net sy easly mil jaty hain aur hum isy install kye bagair use kr skty hain. Aur USB main b use kr skty hain .

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How To Make Portabele Softwares Learn in URDU

Friends aj main apko Portable software bnany ka tariqa btata hon. Portable softwares woh software hoty hain. Jin ko PC main install krny ke zarorat nain hote. Blky woh direct install kye bagair chal jaty hain. Portable software ka faida yeh hota hai. Ky ap usy USB main daal kr kisi b PC sy direct withoution installation ky run kr skty hain.
Portable softwares ka aik yeh faida b hota hai. Ky hamin kuch softwares ke hafton ya maheno bad zarorat parti hai. Aur hm un software ko PC main install krky PC ke speed km aur space main kami paida kr daity hain. Jis sy hamary Pc ke performance kharab ho jate hai. Kuch friends kisi institute ke Lab ya office ka PC use krty hain aur wahan extra softwares install krny ke ijazat nain hote. Wahan Portable software kaam daity hain.
Portable software 3 tariqo sy bnty hain. Pehla tariqa software ka backup, 2nd winrar software sy portable sofware bnana. Aur 3rd tariqa "thinstall software" sy Portble software bnana hai.
pehla tariqa backup sy portable bnana. Is tariqy main hm pehly software ko install krty hain.. Aur C Program files main ja kr jahan woh sofware install hota hai uska pora folder copy krky kisi dosry drive main paste kr daity hain aur woh sofware hamara simple portable software bn jata hai. Ab ap chahen tu jo software ap ny instal kia tha. Uninstall kr dain. Yeh tariqa choty software kelye best hai.
Ap software ko install kye bagair b "universal extractor" software sy software ko direct extract kr skty hain. Universal extractor ko install kren. Aur kisi b software ky setup.exe pr right click krky extract with universal extrack kr dain. Apky pas setup name ka folder ajai ga. Jis main us software ka sara data para hoga. Aur ap us data ko as a portable software use kr skty hain
2nd tariqa winrar sy portable software bnana hai. Winrar sy Portable software bnany ka faida yeh hai. K hm tamam  portable data ke aik single file bna laity hain. Aur woh compress ho kr space b km laite hai. Winrar sy portable software bnany kelye hm pehly backup wala method he use kren gain.
agar ap ky pas winrar software hai tu thek hai. Nain tu install kr lain. Ab jis software ko Portable bnana hai usky folder main jain aur sary data ko select all kren aur right click krky add to archive pr click kren. Apky samny winrar ka menu ajai gai. Is main options, create SFX archive aur Create Sold archive ko ok kardain. Compression method ko best aur archive format ko rar krdain.
ab general menu ky bad advance menu main jain aur sfx option pr kren. Ab ap ky saamny advance sfx option khul jai ga. Aur wahan text and icon p ke jaga software ky markazi program ka name likhe. For example
aur last option load sfx icon from the file main software ky mutabiq koi acha sa icon select krky ok krdain. Apka 1st Portable software bn jay ga.
winrar sy b backup waly tariqy ke tara sirf choty software sy he Portable software bnty hain. Kion ky bary software window ke Ragistry ky sath attach hoty hain. Aur in softwares ka kuch data  window, common files, application data, ya kisi khas folder main chala jata hai. Aur jb ap portable software bnaty hain. Tu kuch fill missing ho jate hain. Aur phr Program error daita hai aur run nain hota. Iska solution yeh hai ky ky jis file ka error dai unhain PC main search kr lain. Aur agar ap ny universal extractor sy software extrace kia hai. Tu woh error nai dai ga.
thinstall sy portable software bnana sb sy asan hai. Aur ziada tr thinstall sy he portable software bnay jai jaty hai. sb sy pehly thinstall instal kren. Aur iska shourtcut thinApp setup capture desktop pr lain aur isy run kren. Welcome to setup capture  ko next karen.yahan advance setting main ja kr jis drive main setup rkha hai jaise D drive Usy aur jis drive main software instal krna hai for example C usy check kr dain. Aur ok krky next kr dain.
Presc0n ka progres start gojaega.
Presc0n main thinstall apke pb ke registery ko read karega aur use apne mind main st0re kar lega.
Aur next opti0n le aega.
Ab thinstall ko minimize karen.
Aur ap us s0ftware ko install karen. Jisko p0rtable banana hai.
Install h0ne ke bad usko crack ya keygen ftc b laga kar full versi0n kar lain.
Software install krny ky bad thinstall ko dobara maximized kren aur next pr click kr dain. Next krny ky bad thinstall  Postscan ka menu aye ga. Postscan main thinstall pehly sy kye hoy Prescan ko Postcan ky sath compare krky check kry ga. Ky apky pc main kia tabdeele ai hai. Aur Pc ke ragistry main kia new entries ain hain. Post scan krny ky bad next menu main hamin result show kr dai ga.
 result waly menu main apko ms dos, ragistry, aur internet ka icon nazar ain gain. Inhain ignore kr dain. Insky sath ap ny jis software ko install kia hai. Usky, main programs nazar ain gain. Jinke extention .exe ho ge. Ab usmain, main Program ko select kren. For example ap ny VLC mediaplayer ko Portable bnana hai. Tu apky saamny VLC.EXE show hoga usy check lagain. Aur next krdain.
next menu main  sandbox location main user profile ko ok kr dain next pr click krdain. Marged isolation mode ko ok he rehny dain. Compression ke option apke choice hai. Jo b select krna chahen. Aur next kr dain. Creating a project start ho jai ga. Aur thinstall apky software ko copy krky aik new folder main ly ai ga.isky bad Last menu ai ga. Wahan bulild now ka bttn press karin apka sofware Portable bn jay ga. Aur browse project ke botton pr click krin. Yahan bohat sy folder show hon jain gain wahan bin naam ky folder main apka Portable software Mojod hoga.
Kbi kbi hamary pass software ka setup nain hota. Blky pehly sy install hoa hota hai. Aur uska backup sirf hamary hota hai. Likin hm usy Portable bnana chahty hain.. Tu usky lye yeh krna hoga ky jb software installation ka menu ata hai tb. Ap us data ko copy kren aur kisi dosri drive main paste kr dain. Aur jis drive main paste krna hai. Us drive ko advance setting main pehly sy check b lagana hai. Taa ky jb thinstal scaning kry tu usy pata chal jai ky is drive main kuch copy hoa hai. Aur woh us data ko apny setup main lar kr us ka Portable bna dai ga.
thinstall shorow main thora mushkil  lagy ga. Likin 1, 2 try main apko iska tariqa kar samaj main ajai ga. Aur agar apko is lecture ke samaj b na aye tu ankhain band krky next next krty jain. Qismat ache hoe tu portable software hud he bn jai ga. ;-) Koshesh kren ky apny sath aik ragistry cleaner sofware b rkhen aur hr new prortable software bnany sy pehly ragistry clean zaror kr lia kren tuneup utilites main be ragistry cleaner mojod hai.
Portable software jb b bnain. Us waqat PC main koi aur kam na kren. Q k thinstall apky pc ke tamam activity ko save kr laita hai. Agar koi aur software ya data copy ya download ho raha ho. Tu woh b Portable software ky browse project main copy ho jata hai. Aur 3 mb ka software 103 mb ka bn jai ga. Browse folder main ap hud sy b search krky falto files delet kr skty hain.
hamisha jb b portable software bnain. Kisi dosry pc ya apny dost ky pc main run krky zaror test kren. Ky ap ka software perfect kam krta hai ya nain. Kbi kbi koi file missing ka error daita hai. Tu ap woh file apny pc main sy search krky portable software ky sath rkh dain. Software chal jai ga. portable software ke mazeed details check krny kelye itdunya.com main Software ky sectiom Portable softwarers categary main, 3 way of making portable software, Article post kia hai woh zaror check karin.
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Come To Learn Screen Saver create on your personal PC in XP in urdu

Screen Saver create on your personal PC in XP:

Ye koi cheat nahi hy, lekin aik zabardast XP ka chota say feature hy, jis me aap apni digital pictures say work kar saktay hain, aik slide show presentation create karein screen saver k tor par istamal karnay k liye, kesay ??? to chalo me aap ko procedure batata hoon:

1. Apnay XP me Desktop pay Right Click karein aor Properties open karein.

2. ab aap screen saver ki tab me click karein

3. ab wahan kuch options show hoon gi, screen saver ki list me (My Picture Slideshow) name ho ga, wahan click karein

4. ab setting pay click karein kisi bhi kisam ki adjustments k liye, jesay k picture ka size aor kesay aap set karna chahtay hain, yahan transition effects picture k center pay karein gay phir click OK

5.ab aap screen saver ready bas aap wahan apni picture laganay k liye pc say select kar k laga saktay hain...

Enjoy Friends....
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Come TO Learn Best SEO for your site in URDU

kisi bhi website ki kaamyabi aor publicity ka andaza us ki traffic say lagaya jata hy,
site par jis kadar traffic ziyada hoti usi kadar site say amdani k zayae ziyada aor assan
hotay hain, me aap ko isi topic pay bether guide karnay ki koshish karon ga. is k liye aap
k pas site/forum/blog hona laazmi hy. jesa k (www.mshqit.com) ya (www.cometohack86.blogspot.com)

Search Engine Optimization. internet say information aor website tak access hasil karnay k liye
search engine aik boht bara zariya hai. saarif na to har mozu per web address janta hy aor na ziyada
dair yaad rakh sakta hy, to aesi soorat me sirf search engine hi wo wahid zariya hotay hain jin k zariye,
saarif apni matlooba maloomat tak rasai hasil karta hy aor kisi bhi mozu per mawad k liye. web site me
traffic generate karnay me sarch engine ka kirdaar intahi ehm hy... search engine me google, yahoo aor msn hain
jin me shamooliyat say aap ki site k liye ziyada say ziyada traffic milti hy. is liye aap ki site search engine
friendly hona lazzmi hy.

Meta Tags importence in Search Engine:
aam tor par jab ham search engine me koi keyword lagatay hain to show honay wala result diffrent type ki discription,
aor selected powerfull keyword show hotay hain, jo k site k owner nay site me add kiye hotay hain, yaani search engine
ko apni site k baray batanay k liye meta tags hona laazmi hy, ye aap k page / post ko search engine daalnay k liye 1 khufia
cheat ka kaam deta hain. jesay me kuch meta tags show kar raha hooon:

(<)title(>)Come To Learn(<)/title(>)
(<)meta name="discription" content="world's best blog for learning computer seo blogging mobiles networks networking"(>)
(<)meta name="keywords" content="alexa booster zong ufone warid jazz telenor tips and tricks 2013 2014 networking in urdu"(>)
Note: aap nay () ko remove kar dena hy. yani ye symbols < / > ko bagair ( ) brackets k likhna hy...

Famous Search Engine me apni site submition:
is wakat dunya me hazaron ki taddad me search engine show ho chukay hain, magar famous Google, Yahoo & MSN hi hain.
in teeno search engine me apni site submit karwanay k liye nechay diye huay links ko istamal karein:

Google: http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl
Yahoo: http://submit.search.yahoo.com/free/request
Live MSN: http://wearch.msn.co.in/docs/submit.aspx

DMOz Open Directory me submition:
DMOz aik open directory project hy jahan aap apni site submit kartay hain, submition k baad DMOZ k editor aap ki site ki
jaanch partal kartay hain, aor 1/2 din me aap ki site directory me shaamil ho jati hy, is ka faiyda ye hy k is directory
me shamoliat k baad khud ba khud search engine ki nazar me aa jati hy, kion k baray search engine DMOZ me shaamil honay
wali new website ko check karnay k liye apnay spiders bhejtay rehtay hain.

43 Things Website:
ye 1 social network website hy, jahan log new year k liye new azam ka izhaar kartay hain, jesay k me 2014 me blogger say
full earning kar raha hoon ga... me 2014 me apnay blog ko google k top pay laana chahta hoon, etc... is k baad jo log
aap k topic k related hon gay wo wahan commenting bhi karein gay aor ap ki site bhi visit karein gay, jis ka aap nay
izhaar kiya hy...

Yahoo Answer:
ye 1 ilmi community website hy, jahan log Computer, Health, Business & dosray topics pay sawalat kartay hain, jin k jawab
isi community k member dain gay jo jantay hoon gay. ap apni site k topic k mutabik sawalat search karein aor un ka answer
post karein, answer me aap apni site ka link bhi post kar saktay hain.

Commenting on other's sites:
boht si site aesi hain jo k post k baad aap ko commenting ki ijazat deti hain. aap site me artical k baray me apni raye
denay k liye comment kar saktay hain, aor ka feed back superb content hona chahiye, jo koi dosra visitor jab ap ka coment
read karay to wo bhi majboor ho k apna comment kar sakay...

OLX publicity:
OLX.com 1 aesi site jahan pay aap apni site k mutalik ishtaharat show kar saktay hain, jesay k me apnay blog k baray
suggestion pooch sakta hoon k kesa laga mera blog aor is me koi kam beshi hy to please mujhay bataein. is trah visitors bhi
achay milein gay aor ap ki blogging bhi improve ho gi...

ye site aap ki site ko bookmarking k liye ziyada help karti hy. kuch aor bhi bookmarking sites hain jesay Stique, Digg,
StumbleUpon etc....

yehan say aap feed k through apni site ki new posts ko direct Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin say link kara saktay hain,
aor bhi kaafi fayida hy k ye bhi ap ki SEO k liye ziyada best way social networking sites.... like facebook, twitter,
friendistan.com & many others... Digit.com say aap ki site ki voting hoti hy k aap ki site per mojood content per li ja
sakti hy, aor hazaron webmasters is me apni apni sites submit kartay hain. taa k ziyada voting ho aor ziyada visitors milein
Youtube.com pay aap apni videos bana k share karein, jo k aap ko ziyada say ziyada orignal visotors milein...

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Jazz Mobilink Latest MobiTunes Codes

Friends aaj me aap k saath Pakistani Mobile's Networks k Utune / Mobi code share kar raha hoon, ye wo codes hain jin ko ham apnay number par as a utune ya smart tune k tor par lagatay hain, jesa k agar koi friend aap ko call karay ga to aap k number say tune k awaz janay k bajaye aap ki select kiye huay song / music ki awaz jaye gi. ye 1 zabardast hy k koi aap ko call karay aor usay song/music sunai day. kuch friends nay laga rakhi hoon gi magar kayi friends abhi tak sirf codes dhoondh rahay hoon gay apni pasand ki tune k liye. to friends pareshaan na hoon me aap k liye latest tunes k codes share kar raha hoon pehli catogry me aap ko Muslims tunes share ki hain jesay naatein, ALLAH k naam aor kaafi famous naats hain... 2nd coatogry me indian / hindi songs k codes hain jo yakeenan ap ko pasand aen gay. agar koi code chahiye to aap comments kar saktay hain..

CODE      :    TUNE NAME

109787 --- Abbas (a.s) mir-e-karwan --- Muharam
109788 --- Abid ka hall --- Muharam
109789 --- Ali as Ali --- Muharam
109790 --- Ankhon nay kia kia dekha --- Muharam
109791 --- Bahti rahi furat --- Muharam
109792 --- Allah mujh par lashka --- Muharam
109793 --- Dasween diyan nana --- Muharam
109794 --- Ghazi ka Alam --- Muharam
109795 --- Hussain zulmaton mein --- Muharam
109796 --- Imam mehndi kay qaflay --- Muharam
109797 --- Karbala mein zalim nay --- Muharam
109798 --- Main nok-e-naize pe hoon --- Muharam
109799 --- Meri sakina (a.s) --- Muharam
109800 --- Qaidkhanay main talatum hai --- Muharam
109801 --- Ya rub koe masooma --- Muharam
109802 --- Zahor e imam ali safdar --- Muharam
109803 --- Zair e khanjar sajda ada --- Muharam
109804 --- Hussain Badshah --- Muharam
100885 --- Names Of Allah Set 1 --- Hisham Abbas
100886 --- Names Of Allah Set 2 --- Hisham Abbas
100887 --- Names Of Allah Set 3 --- Hisham Abbas
100888 --- Names Of Allah Set 4 --- Hisham Abbas
100889 --- Names Of Allah Set 5 --- Hisham Abbas
100890 --- Names Of Allah Set 1 --- Yusuf Islam
100891 --- Names Of Allah Set 2 --- Yusuf Islam
100892 --- Names Of Allah Set 3 --- Yusuf Islam
100893 --- Names Of Allah Set 4 --- Yusuf Islam
100894 --- Names Of Allah Set 5 --- Yusuf Islam
101284 --- Aei Allah --- Junaid Jamshed
101285 --- Aei Rasool-e-Amin --- Junaid Jamshed
101286 --- Aei Taiba --- Junaid Jamshed
101287 --- Multazim Par Dua --- Junaid Jamshed
101288 --- Mujhe Zindagi Mein Yaa Rab --- Junaid Jamshed
100869 --- Sallo Ale Hay Wa AlleHi --- Mehnaz
100870 --- Yeh Sab Tumhara Karam --- Nadia Salih
100871 --- Subah Taiba Mein Hui --- Nisar Marfani
100872 --- Zahe Muqadar --- Qari Abad Hassan
100873 --- Mein Tere Qurban --- Sayed Rehan Qadri
100874 --- Aj Pa Jawin --- Shehzad Madni
100875 --- Main Tera Qurban --- Shehzad Madni
100876 --- Mera Dil Tarap --- Shehzad Madni
100877 --- Rok Laiti Hai --- Shehzad Madni
100878 --- Kabb Bigri Banaoo Gay --- Siddique Ismaeel
100879 --- Naat Likhta Hoin --- Siddique Ismaeel
100880 --- Ae Khuda Ae Khuda --- Adnan Sami
100881 --- Shehre Madina --- Junaid Jamshed
100882 --- Allah Hu Allah Hu --- Qari Waheed
100883 --- Azaan From Makkah --- Shaikh Ali Mulla
100884 --- Azaan --- Yusuf Islam
100852 --- Lamyaati --- Dr Amir Liaqat
100853 --- Madinay Ki Hasrat --- Dr Amir Liaqat
100854 --- Mangton Ko --- Dr Amir Liaqat
100855 --- Maula Ya Saliwasalam --- Dr Amir Liaqat
100856 --- Meetha Meetha --- Dr Amir Liaqat
100857 --- Mujh Ko TaibaMain --- Dr Amir Liaqat
100858 --- Pyara Pyara --- Dr Amir Liaqat
100859 --- Un Ko Dil Main --- Dr Amir Liaqat
100860 --- Wassallah --- Dr Amir Liaqat
100861 --- Ya Muhammad --- Dr Amir Liaqat
100862 --- Ya Rub --- Dr Amir Liaqat
100863 --- mujh Pe Maula Ka Karam --- Farhan Ali Qadri
100864 --- Pukaro Ya Rasool Allah --- Farhan Ali Qadri
100865 --- Ae Mujahid E Nabi --- Furqan Qadri
100866 --- Wohi Rab Hai Jisne --- Hafiz Abrab Ul Qadar
100867 --- Tere Bande Hain --- Hafiz Tahir Qadri
100868 --- Sayed Naveed Shahid --- Kaliyan Zulfan Wala
100837 --- Allah Allah Kaho --- Abida Khanum
100838 --- Bolo Haider Qalander --- Abida Khanum
100839 --- Muhammad Hamare --- Abida Khanum
100840 --- Paare Paare --- Abida Khanum
100841 --- Parwar Digaar --- Abida Khanum
100842 --- Shahe Madina --- Abida Khanum
100843 --- Taj Daare Harum --- Abida Khanum
100844 --- Ya Muhammad Noore Mujjasum --- Abida Khanum
100845 --- Ya Rube LumYazal --- Abida Khanum
100846 --- Aj Waikh Jaawin --- Awais Qadri
100847 --- Bulla Lo Phir Mujhe --- Awais Qadri
100848 --- Main Madinay Chala --- Awais Qadri
100849 --- Punjtan --- Awais Qadri
100850 --- Urshe Haq --- Awais Qadri
100851 --- Balagh Ula Bikamalehi --- Amir Anwar
100820 --- Jind mukdi mukdi muuk challi --- Marghoob Ahmed Hamdani
100821 --- Karam ki ek nazar hum pe --- Alhaj Khurshid Ahmad
100822 --- Kitni pur noor-o-haseen hai --- Yousaf Maiman
100823 --- Madina saddi jaan aey --- Shahbaz Qamar
100824 --- Mein so jaoin ya Mustafa kehtay --- Nayyara Noor
100825 --- Meraaj walley aaqa --- Yousaf Maiman
100826 --- Muhammad Mustafa kay naam --- Nayyara Noor
100827 --- Nabi ki yaad say --- Abid Raoof Qadri
100828 --- Paigam saba laie hai --- Nayyara Noor
100829 --- Sab say aala o aala --- Abid Raoof Qadri
100830 --- Sarkar ka jashan manaein gay --- Rashid Azam
100831 --- Sirf ek baar --- Alhaj Khurshid Ahmad
100832 --- Tala al badro aliyana --- Waheed Zafar Qasmi
100833 --- Woe sooey lalla zaar phirtay hain --- Abid Raoof Qadri
100834 --- Ya shafi Awais --- Raza Qadri
100835 --- Ye soochta hoin mein --- Abid Raoof Qadri
100836 --- yeh arzoo thi Madinay ki --- Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
100801 --- Aey madinay kay tajdar --- Abdul Raoof Raoofi
100802 --- Aey maut thar ja mein madinay --- Awais Raza Qadri
100803 --- Aey Sarkar-e-Madina --- Muhammad Asif Chishti
100804 --- Agar koi apna bhala chahta hai --- Saeed Hashmi
100805 --- Alif Allah chambay di booti --- Yousaf Maiman
100806 --- Allah De naam laye --- Muhammad Asif Chishti
100807 --- Allah karam Maula karam --- Nisar Marfani
100808 --- Arash ki mehfil --- Fasihuddin
100809 --- Asma-ul-Hasna Imran --- Sheikh Qadri
100810 --- Assalam Assalam --- Rashid Azam
100811 --- Bann gaei baat un ka karam --- Maqbool Sabri
100812 --- Bay khud kiye daitay hain --- Yousaf Maiman
100813 --- Beera Muhammad walla --- Yousaf Maiman
100814 --- Day huner ke bheek --- Nusrat Dastgeer
100815 --- Dill ko un say khuda judda na karrey --- Awais Raza Qadri
100816 --- Dill mein yaad-e-nabi --- Siddique Ismaeel Ahmad
100817 --- Gul as rafat amokhta --- Umme Habiba
100818 --- Gul az rah amad --- Uzma Niaz
100819 --- Jalway deikhoo toor kay --- Rashid Azam
100788 --- Awal Hamad Kuhda Wandi --- Saira Naseem
100789 --- Aye Mola Ali --- Saira Naseem
100790 --- Mein Koyel --- Saira Naseem
100791 --- Mein Mudat SeIs Aas --- Saira Naseem
100792 --- Mere Lab Pe --- Saira Naseem
100793 --- Nazar Karam --- Saira Naseem
100794 --- Shahe Madina --- Saira Naseem
100795 --- Tala Uldar Aliena --- Saira Naseem
100796 --- Dua --- Tallat Hussain
100797 --- Aankh utthay teray liye --- Waheed Zafar Qasmi
100798 --- Aaoo mill kar jashan-e-milaad manaein --- Mushtaq Attari
100799 --- Aap aaye tu sab ko milli --- Fasihuddin
100800 --- Aaqa meray qarar hain --- Shahbaz Qamar
100501 --- Al Nabbi --- Syed Furqan
100775 --- Sayyedi --- Aala Hazrat
100776 --- Tu Mera Rakhwala --- Abdul Mustafa
100777 --- Ismaunabi --- Adeel Sultani
100778 --- Aaye Mere Piyaare Nabi --- Anjum Rehmani
100779 --- Muhammad Sayyedi --- Imam Sharf
100780 --- Rehmat Da DaryaIlahi --- Jazrat Mian
100781 --- Aaqa Per Durood --- Mehran Shaikh
100782 --- Do Aalam Ke --- Mehran Shaikh
100783 --- Ya Nabi Ho Karam --- Mohsin Ali
100784 --- Phir Tasawar --- Muhammad Rashid
100785 --- Mere Peer Hain --- Premi
100786 --- Alqasdah --- Qari Saad Nomani
100787 --- Dua --- Qari Zain Aabdin
100489 --- Allahu --- Sami Yusuf
100490 --- Eid Song --- Sami Yusuf
100491 --- Hasbi Rabbi --- Sami Yusuf
100492 --- Meditation --- Sami Yusuf
100493 --- Mother --- Sami Yusuf
100494 --- My Ummah --- Sami Yusuf
100495 --- Supplication --- Sami Yusuf
100496 --- the Cave Of Hira --- Sami Yusuf
100497 --- the Creator --- Sami Yusuf
100498 --- Try Not To Cry --- Sami Yusuf
100499 --- Ya Mustafa --- Sami Yusuf
100500 --- Ya Rasulallah --- Sami Yusuf
100478 --- Jalwa E Janaan --- Junaid Jamshaid
100479 --- Mohammad Ka Roza --- Junaid Jamshaid
100480 --- Rasha Makawaa (Pushto) --- Junaid Jamshaid
100481 --- Yeh Subh E Madina --- Junaid Jamshaid
100483 --- Faaslon Ko Takaluf --- Qadri Wahid Zafar
100484 --- Qasid Barda Sharif --- Qadri Wahid Zafar
100485 --- Wasalle Alla Noor --- Qadri Wahid Zafar
100486 --- woh Nabbion Maen Rehmat --- Qadri Wahid Zafar
100487 --- ya Nabi (arabic) --- Qadri Wahid Zafar
100488 --- zahe Mukadar --- Qadri Wahid Zafar
100154 --- Allah Hu --- Sami Yousaf
100155 --- Bhar Do Jholi --- Maqbool Sabri
100156 --- Tajdar e Haram --- Maqbool Sabri
100157 --- Ho Karam Ki Nazar --- Nusrat Fateh Ali
100158 --- Is Shan e Karam Ka --- Nusrat Fateh Ali
100159 --- Tumhe Dil Lagi --- Nusrat Fateh Ali
100160 --- Aankh Uthay Tere Liye --- Wahid Zafar
100319 --- Al Muallim --- Sami Yussef
100473 --- laj Paal --- Awais Qadri
100474 --- mujhay Dar Par --- Awais Qadri
100475 --- pushto Naat --- Awais Qadri
100476 --- woh Kamaale Husan --- Awais Qadri
100141 --- Dekh Ke Jisko --- Abdul Rauf
100142 --- Hum Ghulamon Ka Rakhna --- Abdul Rauf
100143 --- Madene Ko Jaein --- Abdul Rauf
100144 --- Ya Nabi Subho Sham --- Abdul Rauf
100145 --- Habib e Khuda --- Alhaj Khursheed Ahmad
100146 --- Madni Madine Wale --- Mohammad Awais
100147 --- Sale Ala Sale Ala --- Mohammad Rashid
100149 --- Who is The Loved One --- Sami Yousaf
100151 --- Wohi Khuda Hai --- Alhaj Khursheed Ahmad
100152 --- Saeen --- Junoon
100153 --- Allah Hoo --- Nizar

indian/hindi songs tunes.

100725 --- Aag Suraj Mein Hoti hai --- Fana
100726 --- Roney De aaj hum ko --- Fana
100727 --- Adhori Sans --- Fana
100762 --- moley Nu Mola Aap --- Mola Jutt
100763 --- Mera Dil Kaindae --- Mola Jutt
100764 --- Vaishi Jutt --- Mola Jutt
100765 --- Jutt Nu Vaishi Na Houn Dain --- Mola Jutt
100766 --- Hun Swad Aya --- Mola Jutt
100895 --- Dor Theme --- Rakesh
100896 --- Theme --- Dirty Dancing
100912 --- Amsterdam --- Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle
100913 --- Chosen One --- Road Trip
100914 --- Library --- Road Trip
100915 --- Natures Food Chain --- Road Trip
100916 --- Unleash The Fury --- Road Trip
100579 --- Wee Wee --- Over The Hedge
100580 --- You Like This Cookie --- Over The Hedge
100581 --- ABC --- Over The Hedge
100582 --- Scoundrel --- Over The Hedge
100583 --- low n slow --- Cars
100584 --- I wasn’t talkin to you --- Cars
100585 --- it’s a conspiracy man --- Cars
100586 --- No Touchy --- Emperors New Groove
100587 --- Everybody hits their stride --- Emperors New Groove
100588 --- How shall I do it --- Emperors New Groove
100589 --- Is that my voice --- Emperors New Groove
100590 --- Tell us a joke --- Finding Nemo
100591 --- quit following me --- Finding Nemo
100592 --- first u were like --- Finding Nemo
100593 --- swim swim --- Finding Nemo
100724 --- Indiana Jones --- John Williams
100561 --- Vengance will be mine --- Mulan
100562 --- who am i --- Mulan
100563 --- who did a good job --- Mulan
100564 --- Doom on you --- Ice Age
100565 --- Lord of the flames --- Ice Age
100566 --- promise me ull leave --- Ice Age
100567 --- why me --- Ice Age
100568 --- fast tony --- Ice Age Melt Down
100569 --- i believe i can fly --- Ice Age Melt Down
100570 --- walls tumbling --- Ice Age Melt Down
100571 --- Laser Envy --- Toy Story
100572 --- At The Edge of The Galaxy --- Toy Story
100573 --- Mrs Nesbit --- Toy Story
100574 --- To infinity and Beyond --- Toy Story2
100575 --- Some private time --- Toy Story3
100576 --- Think Romantical Thoughts --- Monsters Inc
100577 --- Do You Hear That --- Monsters Inc
100578 --- Kids These Days --- Monsters Inc
100249 --- Animals Are Better Than people --- The Negotiator
100250 --- Can I See A Priest --- The Negotiator
100251 --- Chains Of Bindage --- The Negotiator
100252 --- Crazy --- The Negotiator
100253 --- Debatable --- The Negotiator
100254 --- Dont Say No --- The Negotiator
100255 --- Much Worse Word --- The Negotiator
100317 --- How Dare You --- Main Hoon Na
100338 --- Top Gun Theme --- Joe Satriani
100339 --- American Beauty Theme --- American Beauty
100340 --- Grease Theme --- Bee Gees
100341 --- Lion King theme Song --- Phill Collins
100342 --- Armagedon Theme --- Hans Zimmer
100556 --- I like to move it --- Madagascar
100557 --- Smile n Wave --- Madagascar
100558 --- Physically fit --- Madagascar
100559 --- wheres his crown --- Madagascar
100560 --- here give me a nibble --- Madagascar
100178 --- So Ja Nahi To Gabar --- Sholay
100179 --- Tera Kya Ho Ga Kaalia --- Sholay
100180 --- Yeh Haath Hum Ko --- Sholay
100231 --- Can I Stay With You --- Shrek
100232 --- Cause Im All Alone --- Shrek
100233 --- Celebrate Your Freedom With Your Own Friends --- Shrek
100234 --- Don’t Look At Me I Didnt Invite Them --- Shrek
100235 --- Ogers Are Like Onions --- Shrek
100236 --- On The Road Again --- Shrek
100237 --- Really Tall --- Shrek
100238 --- Talking Flying Donkey --- Shrek
100239 --- Tic Tacs Or Sumthing --- Shrek
100240 --- You And What Army --- Shrek
100241 --- Cant You Feel The Eyes --- Hannibal
100242 --- Clarice --- Hannibal
100243 --- Eating Your Wife --- Hannibal
100244 --- Failure --- Hannibal
100245 --- Good Evening --- Hannibal
100246 --- Immunity --- Hannibal
100247 --- Most Wanted --- Hannibal
100248 --- Sure Well Have A Lot of Fun --- Hannibal
100161 --- Aei Kya Bolti Tu --- Ghulam
100162 --- Aaram Se Baitho --- Main Hoon Na
100163 --- Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To --- Main Hoon Na
100165 --- Apna Circuit Fuse Nai --- Muna Bhai
100167 --- Tu Bhi Mamoo --- Muna Bhai
100168 --- Us Ne Top Kaisey Kiya --- Muna Bhai
100169 --- Attention --- Sholay
100170 --- Hum Jantae Hain --- Sholay
100171 --- Apun Is Laphre Main --- Ghulam
100172 --- Mujhe Tum Mein Koi --- Main Hoon Na
100173 --- Mujhe Tum Se Kuch --- Main Hoon Na
100174 --- Tumhe Kuch Ho Jata To --- Main Hoon Na
100175 --- Mera Beta Bhi --- Muna Bhai
100176 --- Tum Kya Sabit Karna --- Muna Bhai
100177 --- Yeh Hamare Dais Ki --- Muna Bhai

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