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How to install SQLMap on Windows XP/7/8

Welcome Back . ComeToHack Team's new post of the week. Last lecture was about

 " How To Hack Website Through SQLMap "

DoT Zeroo here today i gonna show you  how to install SQL.Map on Windows.

1st download python2.7 or sqlmap  after downloading install python2.7

follow me :-

open python2.7 setup and select Install for all user and hit next button

Install python On C Drive. click next

 Click next

Click Finish Button :D

After python installing complete Copy Sqlmap folder and past python2.7 folder

Ok now go to run and type cmd nad hit enter 

after opening command prompt Type follow coomand

How To Hack Website Manually Step by Step Guide Line.

1st "cd../" without quotes 

2nd once again type "cd../"

3rd type "cd python27" (you can change your python folder name)
now check this its working :P

3rd type "cd sqlmap" without quotes 

4th once again type same command "cd sqlmap"

Now your sqlmap is installed ;) i hope you like this tutorial

That's it about SQLMap

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