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How To Protect Skype Account (Logins)

That;s very simple to protect your Skype Account from which location / device you use before to use it To check who all is logged onto your Skype So there are only two step to fix this issue.

1st Step is to how to know where your skype account was logged in before & is it still in device memory so here we go.

Go on any conversation on skype & type there /showplaces "Don't worry it will show to other user  in chat" so type there & press Enter.

You will get result like as show this picture.

!! Well i tried this on my Skype Group conversation where more than 150 members but no one see my trick :D

So this type of message you will get & see i wass loged in into 5 devices...

Now its time to logout all old devices so in same conversation we will type /remotelogout (again it will not appear in chat history) & press Enter. all users on your Skype account OFF & you may also use this from your mobile. Enjoy !!

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