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How I Can Use Webmaster Tools Properly For Blogger

The tutorial is about Webmaster Tools and their new features how to use for make blogging better. In this post i give latest tricks and tips for use webmaster tools easily. If you have a blog and you are not know webmaster tools properly then i will learn you some important features and steps to control the webmaster tools properly and use for better results.
 If you have a good content blog and website then you submit your blog and website to Google with the help of webmaster tools. Webmaster is the new features of Google to control our website or blog for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But one thing is we have full control on webmaster tools for better SEO and it is very important thing. I have discuss some important features to SEO and rank your website or blog within a month.

Some Important Features Of Webmaster Tools:
When you are going to make a blog and purchase a custom domain then think about the name which you want to purchase because it is very important for you. If you choose two words domain name that's better but if you purchase three words name then it is too difficult to show in search results because it has a large domain name and when you are decide the domain name then try to purchase those name which very rare means select those name which have low competition in search results.Now some important features and their uses.

Geographic Target:

In the webmaster tools when you click on configuration > setting you can see the feature of Geographic Target. Geographic Target is very important for you because if you want that the most of visitor comes on USA then you select the USA country and save it and you get more visitor from USA.

Internal Links

In the webmaster tools when you go on traffic link and click Internal Links then you can see the links which are make on your own blog. The tips is to make more and more internal links for better SEO. When you make more internal links then crawler check your blog and it find the most of link to your blog and crawler index your blog very quickly. If you not know how to make internal links then click the below link for more details.

Make Internal Links And Backlinks and Increase in Blogger Blogspot

In the webmaster tools sitemap is so so important for optimize your blog because if you not submit sitemap of your blog or website then Google not index your website in search engine because it has not structure of your blog or website that's why it is not properly index your blog and ignore by search engine. If you make a blog then first you submit your sitemap. If you not how to submit then click this link for more details.

How I Submit Sitemap of My Website In Google Search Engine

Last and most important feature which i discuss now. Use this tools or feature first when you make every new blog or purchase your custom domain.

Manage Site:
Manage site is fist feature which is very important in this feature you are able to add or remove your site or blog and verify your site or blog easily with different steps. The features is too much important because if you can verify your custom domain or blog in webmaster tools then Google can't index your website or blog properly. To use this link properly click below link with different features.

How to Verify My Blogger Blogspot in Webmaster Tools

When you purchase a custom domain then to verify it click this below link.

How To Verify My Custom Domain With HTML File Or Meta Tags In Webmaster Tools

When you verify your custom domain or blog with all webmaster features then use below link to verify with Google Analytic Code for tracking your website visitors.

 You Should Make Internal Links And Backlinks and Increase in Blogger Blogspot
Now i discuss how to add internal and external links and back-links to your blogger. And you can easily manage all these steps if you have a blog then make perfect by using SEO techniques and tools and make the blogger blog perfect like you. There are lots of times when you may want to direct a reader to a different parts of your Blogger post depending on what their needs and interests are. On you might want to alert the visitor to something significant in related post. But When you make the internal links then SEO tips are slightly failed your blogger blog because search engine is crawl your pages and links and then they decide that is a copy material on your blog that's why to make the perfect blogger you stuck your eyes on your webmaster tools for better SEO and make blog perfect. In this post i will show you how to make use of internal links both within posts and in Blogger Generally.
Why bother with internal linking you may be wondering? Well the answer is to improve SEO. Blogs with a good internal linking structure will fare better than blogs that don't links posts. Plus you will be creating an aid to navigation for your reader. On longer posts jumps links to different sections within your post or to other posts mean readers can quickly find the information they are looking for.

1. How to Create Internal Links To Sections Within The same Blogger Blog Posts:
2. How to Create Internal Links To Sections Within The Different Blogger Blog Posts:

1. How to Create Internal Links To Sections Within The Same Blogger Blog Posts;

 When You make each links to blogger blog post the when reader interest in this link then he hit this link and go to other post. This type of internal linking is common practice in website building and can be equally applied to blogs to assist with navigation.

Your Question is how did I create these links?
Answer is that i used simple HTML that anyone can learn in a few minutes. Here are the Steps i used to create these links.

1. Login in to Your Blogger Blogspot.
2. Go to Posting > New Post or Edit Post and either create a new article or edit an existing one.
3. With the article find a place where you want to add some jumps links. This will be early on in the article as it will help the reader figure out what information is significant to them and how to get there quickly.
4. Switch to the Edit HTML mode rather than compose mode so you can see the code you are inserting into your post.
5. Create a couple of headings that will be your links to material further down in your Blogger articles. Note you can also just jump to a word but for the purposes of this demonstration and clarity I am going to use heading. When creating this post i used the following heading.

Like This Link You Make Your Own Internal Links With Suited Blogger Blog Post To Check it how it work.

The Most Essential Tools for a Blogger Analytics
Now Going To Track Visitors to Your Blogger

How to Create Internal Links To Sections Within the Same Blogger Blog Posts.
How to Create Internal Links To Sections Within the Different Blogger Blog Posts.

Add Links to Your heading like so:

    <a href="#withinposts"> How to Create Internal Links To Sections Within The Same Blogger Blog Posts</a>

    <a href="#withinposts"> How to Create Internal Links To Section Within The Different Blogger Blog Posts</a>

The href attribute and closing </a> element is the same structure you use for other links in your blog.

Each Identifier is preceded by a hash mark like #. The # tells the visitor's browser to look for a section within your post.

Each links identifier needs its own unique identifier and needs to be enclosed in inverted commas Use a name that reflects the link you are creating if possible as it will make it easier to identify on a page with a lot of internal jump links. Now go to the first point in your post where you want to jump the reader to. This will be the start of some new idea, section or logical split in the information.

At this point create your anchor text by first adding your heading and then enclosing your heading with this anchor structure.

    <a name="identifier'> Your Heading </a>

Note the use of the name attribute at the beginning and the </a> element at the end.
Each link identifier needs to be enclosed in inverted commas. Using this anchoring structure our first anchor becomes:

    <a name="withinposts"> How to Create Internal Links To Sections Within The Same Blogger Blog Post </a>

Substitute your own links identifier and headings.
Now move on the next point you want to link to and create second anchor. In this example we use the same structure but change the identifier.

    <a name="withingblogger" How to Create Internal Links To Sections Within The Different Blogger Post </a>

Again substitute your own link identifier and heading to suit your article. And then Save and Publish as normal and you will see your links are live and will jumps the reader to different part of the post.

Tips And Troubleshooting:

If you want the easily make internal link then follow the steps it is most easy way.
1. Login Your Blogger Blog.
2. Create New Post.
3. Write Article.
4. Then where you want to make link then go to Link or your Blog where you change your heading size and where you make your character bold or regular here Link is available in blue color and the click it.
5. After Click you give the path like your website URL and Heading Of URL and ok that's all done enjoy it easily.

If you can use this and nothing to understand comments me i will solve your problem by replying and to give the best of best answer everything you ask me. And i will learn you how to make back link or link to other blogger in next post.

Enable "Blogger Search Preference" Setting For Better SEO. 

With the help of advance search preference feature of blogger, you will be able to Get better ranking in search engine. About a year ago blogger has introduced this feature and defiantly it is a good sign for we all. Now those who are using blogger platform, they will be able to gets higher search ranking. The user just required to add required value to there search preference setting that set. It is now very easy to optimize a post in a search engine. You can also easily set Meta Description, Custom Page Not Found, Custom Redirects, Custom robots.txt and Custom robots header tags. 

Enable Search Preference Setting:

You can find all the search preference setting in your blogger account.
  • Log in your blogger acccount.
  • Select Blog a blog in which you want to enable your search preference feture.
  • Now Click on "Setting" > "Search Preference" respectively.


Enable Custom Robots.txt

You can now able to add Robots.txt in your blogger blog.Every blogger user wants that they website is indexing on the famous Google search engine with higher ranking. By enabling this feature your blog will automatically allow your blog's sitemap to start indexing in a search engines.

Enable Custom Robots Header Tags.

You can now also be able to enable Your Custom Robots Header Tags. As we all are know that Traffic is a life of any blog, to increase blog traffic the owner of the blog must have to work on S.E.O. Now it not enough that you know how to blog? we have to start work on search engine optimization basic applications, so why are you waiting for just update your settings and start boost your blogger blog traffic, and start improve your search ranking.

If you are facing any kinds of trouble in above tutorial than feel free to ask question, we will solve your query as soon as possible ^-^

 How I Can Get More Pageviews Using Social Bookmarking.Com
In this tutorial i will show you how to increase your website pageviews using social sites. This trick is very useful while your blogging on your blog or website. Social bookmarking is very important for every bloggers to increase visitors because visitors are the main source of income if you are run advertising or affiliate programme on your blog or website then you can not make more money without visitors.

I have very common and most of tricks which i discuss in this post. First i have tell you how to attract visitors to blog or website. Click below link.

Now Going To Track Visitors to Your Blogger

Now lets start tutorial i wants every one make perfect blog and collect informative tricks with our help that's why i decide to write this post. When you are going to start blogging on your website or blogger you should think how to attract more visitor using top ranking website or social site. When you achieve and gain information about that then your half of work is done. If you are already know to make links on search engine or high ranking website that's better but if you are not know about them then go with me and get this tricks.

Social Bookmarking Site:
Social Bookmarking site are the big and main source of huge traffic if you aware from this how to use them then you are perfect bloggers. I have some tricks below.

Use of Best and Top Ranking Social Site:
If your blog or website not get more visitors then use the following tips.
Make your blog perfect and good content then go to social bookmarking sites.
Social Bookmarking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are common but use others which is very useful and easy.

Tips And Tricks:
Go to Socialmarking.com.
You see a big collection of social sites.
Paste your site title or Url and click Bookmark it.
Now select social site one by one to make new account and bookmark your site in it or more visitors.
With 130+ social websites you can easily attract 300 visitors form these sites daily.

 How To Increase Index Status In Webmaster Tools Tricks For Better SEO
The tutorial is about how to index your blog very quickly on search engine because index pages are first appear in search results. If some one make a blog or website and submit sitemap to Google Webmasters then your pages are index by Google and appear in search results but if you have not submit your blog sitemap then your pages are not crawl or index by Google Search Engine or Google Bot.

What Is Mean By Index Status In Webmaster Tools:
In webmaster index status is how many pages or Url is index by Google of your blog. Their are lot of
tricks to index your pages quickly in search engine and get more visitors on your blog with organic search but if you have original content on your blog. Webmaster tools is very important to apply SEO on your blog or website like to make sitelinks, internal links, backlinks, authorship, sitemap, verification of blogger or website, and targeted country to get tons of visitors from targeted country.
How To Increase Index Status In Webmaster Tools Tricks For Better SEO

How To Index Our Blog Pages Or URL Immediately:
If you want to index your pages or URL immediately in search engine with in one or two days then i tell you about very important tips or tricks to do so.

Now Lets Start Tutorial To Index Your Blog Quickly:
When you are going to publish your post first check your time and write your post which you want to publish when post is published then submit your sitemap in webmaster tools. If you have not submit sitemap of your blog then first submit blog sitemap in webmaster tools by help of below links which tell you about how to submit blog sitemap.

Sitemap of Your Blogger Is Submitt to Major Search Engine
How to Verify My Blogger Blogspot in Webmaster Tools

When you submit your blogger sitemap to webmaster tools then take time about 6 hours and publish new post on your blog and you should publish about 3 to 4 post daily to your blog and submit your blog sitemap one by one and your pages or blog is index quickly on search engine and you get organic visitors about 5 posts on your blog if your blog is index.

Tips and Troubleshooting:
If you want to write 5 to 10 post daily then doesn't matter you can do this also but remember one thing submit your blog URL sitemap one by one means when your write post 1 then submit your sitemap in webmaster tools and after write your post 2 also submit sitemap like this you can publish to many post in a day to index your pages quickly.

 Best | Latest Blogging Suggestion And Advice For Benefits In Business SEO Professionals
In this tutorial i will guide you how you can choose the best way of Blogging to make money and also make your Business with your blogging professional. I have also write many posts on Marketing or Make Money with Affiliate Programme. If you have interested in these topics then read the article below for more information.

Do you need to be a real Blogger? If you're quite serious concerning this, there are some pointers which will be adopted if you would like to explore blogging as Associate in Nursing income-generating venture. on-line entrepreneurs and marketers ought to bear in mind that whereas web log writing isn't tough, you have got to follow specific tips in computer programme optimization. It needs many processes from low price SEO service that require to be followed strictly simply to makes positive that the articles can take off properly written.

Best | Latest Blogging Suggestion And Advice For Benefits In Business SEO Professionals
Best | Latest Blogging Suggestion And Advice For Benefits In Business SEO Professionals

The first is to pick a keyword or keyword phrase rigorously. opt for a subject that has one thing to try to to with tips or useful pointers. These are the type of articles that are meant for computer programme optimisation. confirm to target a specialised audience or readers. Avoid too broad topics which will not acquire the interest of consumers. create your articles temporary however pithy that unremarkably ranges from 350 to five hundred words. this can be the quality write-up which will win the fascination of readers. With the help of pros, things are often simply managed and on-line enterprises are often assured of optimum results with their promoting initiatives.

Simplifying The Practice of Blogging With Software
Customise Blogger Default Template To Make Professional Template
Best Blogger Tips And Tricks For My Blog SEO Instantly

Blogging Platform:

The best SEO service says that you simply have to be compelled to be eager concerning blogs. this can be resembling a cherished possession that you simply are handling for Associate in Nursing extended period. Beginners ought to be prudent in selecting a platform. you'll detect complimentary and paid portals looking on your offered resources. The budget is vital particularly if you're observing blogging as the way of earning cash. the final word objective is to supply traffic. you'll confer with web promoting techniques and on-line advertising to create your web log a lot of convincing.

Once this activity becomes a lot of sustained, you'll proceed to subsequent level and opt for a a lot of subtle advertising strategy. Now, you'll think about the profit side by increasing traffic. don't overlook the very fact that it's necessary to make distinctive content. Duplicates can ne'er be accepted by search engines. Likewise, it's necessary to update your web log frequently. Add content that readers can contemplate valuable to extend the flow of traffic to your web site. you'll publicize your portal by connection social networking sites. Foster relationships since this may be one in every of the foremost effective approaches in earning success through your web log.

Easy | Best | Simple Tricks To Make Money From Youtube | Chitika
How To Increase Index Status In Webmaster Tools Tricks For Better SEO
How I Can Make Internal Links In The Blog Post To Increase Rank

Benefits for Businesses:

What edges will blogs provide to entrepreneurs? By blogging, a tiny low business can have the chance to share capabilities with an even bigger audience. Besides, web log code isn't tough to use. you just have to be compelled to write down your concepts, create links to resources and publish your web log. The low price SEO service can even share valuable insights. web site homeowners and business managers ought to create the foremost out of blogs if these are used for business functions. Here is one valuable recommendation concerning blogging.

These articles, if literary, will very boost traffic and revenues. Content for computer programme optimisation and will continuously be distinctive, fascinating, informative and original. the essential distinction is that keywords and keyword phrases ought to be strategically placed inside the article body. SEO articles are necessary in serving to qualify potential customers. Readers click your web site primarily as a result of the content of your articles. the most effective SEO service can teach you that by generating sensible quality articles, the website becomes a lot of prestigious and raises the worth among prospective customers.

 25 Best | Top | High | Web Blog Directories For URL Submission Quickly Pinging In Google Search Engine
In this tutorial i have to much Blog Directories Links/URL in which we submit our blog or website to attract more visitors on blogspot or website easily by submitting our Blogger URL. These directories are the biggest source to ping our blog in Google Search Engine. Because when we submit our blog URL then Google pick the URL of our website for these already indexed website. Then our blog also make his seat in Google Search Engine and also Google Crawler or Google Bot like this blog which easily indexed by Google Bot. But one thing is very important always write Original Content or Publish Content Full post on your blog if you want to get more organic traffic.

List Of Best And Good Web Blog Directories To Indexed Your Blog In Search Engine Instantly:

I am going to give you a list of blog directories URL which increase your traffic and worth also in Google Search Engine. SEO is also very important fact. It is also a type of SEO (Search Engine  Optimization). I get this tricks by doing many time means i nearly make 10 blog on blogspot and i put this trick again and again and i get good results With in 1 Month my blog is quickly indexed by Google Crawler. If you also want to do this then i show you how to easily add your blog link in these directories and also how to make account in these directories.
25 Best | Top | High | Web Blog Directories For URL Submission Quickly Pinging In Google Search Engine
25 Best | Top | High | Web Blog Directories For URL Submission Quickly Pinging In Google Search Engine

Top 2 Blog Directories Which Is Very Important:


These two blog directories are useful for new bloggers/newbie to get or drive more readers or traffic to their blog. Keep in mind one think don't get the widget/buttons/gadget or reciprocal links and also don't put or embed them these link on your blogger these things are useless but add your blog in these directories and also if you want to reciprocal link the put it in your template background.

First add your blog above two directories and then use or add your Blogger home URL in these below links directories.


One Of Biggest Search Engine For Newbie Blogger And Its (Google and Bing):

Add your blogger blogspot Sitemap to these major search engine first and then write second post. I give you some best and most popular search engine tips for adding sitemap of your website or blog to these search engine.

Sitemap of Your Blogger Is Submitt to Major Search Engines
How to Verify My Blogger Blogspot in Webmaster Tools And Submit Sitemap

I have also best tips for blogger blogspot SEO after doing these tips you can really get more visitors on your blogspot or website easily.

Easy Tricks To Get Lot Of Visitors On My Blogger

If you want to indexing your blog in search engine quickly then i have also a big trick for having that follow the link below properly and get visitors with lot of hits on your blogger or website blog.

How I Can Use Crawlers And Indexing Tool In Blogger

Now if you have face any problem about your blog SEO, Blogger Template, Blogger Widget or Gadget and any CSS installation in your blog template or also to make beautiful and best looking blogger then give your important comments on my blog and i definitely check this out and also guide or reply you with my best and easy trick to you. Also like my blog and subscribe it.  I have also give you some beautiful widget links for adding in your blog template or also make your blog best looking blogger.
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